Ballet is the foundation of all dance and is needed to strengthen technique for any style of dance, at KMPAA we follow the Royal Academy Of Dance (RAD) syllabus. RAD is the world’s leading organization in classical ballet teaching, which has been designed with great care so that the dancers’ training progresses in stages demanding no more on a young body than it can easily cope with. Not only is the syllabi fun and rewarding it develops poise, grace, posture, coordination fitness, a sense of rhythm, musicality and expression, as well as promoting self discipline and boosting confidence. The students also learn character work in these classes such as Hungarian, Polish and Russian styles of dance. Exams are held in July/August for Vocatinal students and October/November for graded students. To be eligible to sit an exam students must take a minimum of two ballet classes a week. Both RAD grade and vocational syllabus is covered which includes Pointe and Repertoire.